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Although many may disagree, the conveniences of the information age do not outweigh the costs that it entails. These sacrifices include personal privacy, individual identity and ultimately the foundation of freedom that America's forefathers laid in the 18th century. Ironically, many do not see this new age as a process of taking away freedom, but actually adding to it. However, this is not the truth. This stripping of freedom is taking place so subtly that most Americans cannot see it happening. A few methods by which the information age causes this loss of liberty need to be revealed. For instance, the credit industry handles enough information about individuals to monitor them like a dictator. Direct marketers exploit and maneuver people like pawns due to new dominating technology. Yet in defense, the American law system and Constitution can be twisted to become insignificant in light of the raw power of the computer. The future does not look any brighter if America does not wake up to the deception of the information age. Public and private institutions will increase in power while the precious individual will lose theirs. People will continually become less important while the information they can provide will become priceless. This is not what America was founded for. It is time that temporal values be laid aside and virtues like freedom, liberty, and the love for humanity be revived.


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