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Molnar, Andrea Katalin, 1964-

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In current affairs a central issue in the media is Islamic fundamentalism. Various reactions to American foreign policy have divided the globe into a dichotomy supporting or rejecting terrorism. While Middle Eastern countries have received significant attention, other Islamic countries have been largely ignored. Indonesia can be a primary xample for an analysis of how Islam exists outside of the Middle East. The purpose of this research is to consider the initial development of political Islam in Indonesia. This development will consider the level of influence Islam had during the drafting of the Indonesian constitution. Also, this research will show the dynamics of Islam in a multi-ethnic and diverse country. The research is designed as a historical-cultural analysis that considers the influences of two belief systems (Sufism and kejawen)1 during Indonesia’s initial political discourse. The nationalist leader and first Indonesian president, Soekamo, will be used to illustrate this influence.


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