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Recruiting is a critical element of the human resources function. Organizations compete to identify, attract, and hire qualified individuals, and the recruiting competition is as fierce as the battle for sales dollars. Many organizations emphasize recruiting efficiency, hiring new employees using the least amount of time, cost, labor, and other resources possible. Unfortunately, efficient recruiting does not always produce the best employees. Rather, the emphasis must first be on recruiting effectiveness, hiring workers who will assist in the achievement of corporate objectives. Maximizing effectiveness is imperative in the recruiting process. As a successful salesman must know his product, an effective recruiter must know his applicant pool. Recruiters must be aware not only of the characteristics the company wants employees to possess, but also what applicants expect from the company in terms of salary, insurance benefits, working conditions, and other aspects of the job. Applicants whose needs are satisfied by the organization become content and productive employees, and recruiting programs must emphasize the company's commitment to its employees.


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