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Webber, Sally

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Aspiring CPA's in Illinois are now required to obtain 150 semester hours of education prior to sitting for the exam. The additional 30 hours of education increases the financial burden on accountancy students who decide to obtain those hours through pursuing a Master of Accounting Science degree. Many students may look to financial aid as a means of reducing the financial burden and base their decision to pursue a MAS on the amount of financial aid available to them. The purpose of this study is to see if accountancy students' responses to their likelihood of pursuing a MAS degree would be increased if financial aid were available to them. The study also attempts to determine the types of financial aid that have the most impact on the students' responses. A survey instrument was used to obtain Northern Illinois University junior and senior accountancy majors' responses to their likelihood of pursuing a MAS degree. Employer tuition reimbursements had the most impact on student's responses regarding their likelihood of applying to a MAS program. A full tuition scholarship and an employer tuition reimbursement had the most impact on students' responses regarding their likelihood of enrolling in a MAS program.


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