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Norton, Curtis L.

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Accountancy


As a future CPA about to begin work in a Big Six accounting firm, I hoped to gain, through this research, a better understanding of what is involved in areas outside of the traditional auditing, tax, and consulting. Many public accounting practices are expanding into the area of litigation support services. I began my information gathering by talking with my father, who has represented many clients as an expert witness in cases such as divorce. His experience, along with information from seminars he has attended, sparked my interest in the area. I did secondary research at both Founders Memorial Library and the NIU Law Library. Lot's of reading, interpreting and organizing was necessary to produce the final paper. This thesis attempts to detail many of the decisions that are made by the firm in order to select an engagement, as well as, the role an accountant plays in determining the outcome of a court case by both testifying and calculating damages. Through work on this paper I have not only learned of how accounting and the legal process work together, but have found an interesting, future career path which I may someday follow.


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