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As a graphic designer, I consider the freedoms of the First Amendment especially important to my profession as it allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the public. However, as censorship becomes more popular, society is stepping in to place restrictions on many forms of media. Certain books are banned from school libraries, talk radio shows are taken off the air, and some artists are even forbidden to show their work in public. Is freedom of expression now only allowed within limits? In this country’s current state of censorship, I believe the public should know their freedom of expression is still under protection. Therefore, “The First Amendment Series” is the proposed title for the art project I intend to submit as my thesis material for completion of my Capstone at Northern Illinois University. Through “The First Amendment Series” I stress three out of the five aspects of the First Amendment: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. My thesis material takes the form of three mini billboards that would serve as hypothetical public service announcements by the Chicago Museum of Broadcasting Communications. These posters would be posted throughout the city on buses and subways. The billboard poster form was chosen to remind the public of their rights. Along with the posters, I also created a new logo for the Museum of Broadcasting Communications, who serve as my sponsor for the series.


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