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Childbirth is an ever evolving event that has changed dramatically over time and continues to make rapid changes even today. This work explores three centuries of childbirth, attempting to recreate the experience of each time period for the reader. My research focused on three main research questions: What changes have there been in pain management techniques for labor and delivery over the last three centuries? In what ways have birthing methods changed since the 18thcentury? How have the technology and instruments related to childbirth improved since the 1700's? The methodology of this study was a systematic review of historical literature from the 1700's to 1900's using mainly secondary sources. This project is significant because it is important to be knowledgeable of history in order to avoid mistakes made in the past. It is also important to use knowledge from the past to continue to improve outcomes in the future, and prevent history from repeating itself. The conclusion from this work is that women lost the power of childbirth with the medicalization of the event. However, with the help of midwives, women have the ability to gain back control of birthing babies to their rightful owners.


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