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Seaver, Earl J., III

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders


Everyday communication is essential. Not being able to communicate efficiently can pose many threats to a person with a communicative disorder. Throughout the process of my literature review, I have come to realize that the world of the speech-language pathologist is one of heterogeneity, and one must be able to expect the unexpected. As a future speech-language pathologist, I will be working with adults and children from diverse cultural backgrounds. To add to me knowledge as an undergraduate, I chose to research the topic of cranial-facial anomalies, because of my deep-rooted interest in helping children and adults. I chose to conduct a literature review, which entailed a great deal of research about the various aspects and consequences that children being born with a cranial-facial anomaly are faced with during development. The sources of my research included websites from the Cleft Lip and Palate Association and the International Institute For Birth Defects, resourceful literature from books, and plentiful support and guidance from my advisor, Dr. Seaver. Dr. Seaver fostered my knowledge by offering me with his personal experiences and intellect as a professional and specialist within the area of cranial-facial anomalies. The aspects in which I researched included speech and language development, embryology, surgical management, and various otologic and audiologic problems. The literature review also encompasses other various aspects, including dental and feeding complications, and educational and social issues. Upon my completion ofthe literature review, I feel that I have gained a greater appreciation and understanding of individuals with communicative disorders. This literature review enabled me to see through the eyes of these individuals, and feel what they often times are experiencing. It is devastating when the family initially learns that their child has been born with a facial disfigurement. As I approach my entrance into the graduate program for speech-language pathology, I hope to utilize my newly learned knowledge regarding these very emotional communicative issues.


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