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Check 21 will in some way affect everyone who comes in contact with the United States financial markets. This paper explores how Check 21 will affect large-sized banks (over $100 billion in total assets) compared to the effect it will have on small-sized banks (less than $5 billion in total assets). The effect on large-sized banks should be considerably greater than the effect on small-sized banks. This study also explores the effect on large corporations (over $500 million in annual revenue) compared to the effect on small corporations (less than $50 million in annual revenue). The effect on large corporations should be considerably more than the effect on small corporations. Both large and small banks will be considerably affected by Check 21. Even though both large and small banks will be impacted by Check 21, because of the magnitude that large banks will be affected, it is my conclusion that Check 21 will have a considerably larger impact on large-sized banks compared to small-sized banks. It is also my finding that large corporations will be considerably more affected than small corporations will be by Check 21. Information and opinions were obtained from personal interviews from selected banks and corporations - interviews conducted with banking professionals and corporate treasury personnel. Various articles were read and discussed on the topic of Check 21 to ascertain others' feelings regarding their opinions of the impact of Check 21. Along with these secondary sources, one primary source - Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) document - was referenced.


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