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Gau, Jenn-Terng

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The ESN50 Self Piercing Rivet Tool is a wonderful replacement for 'drill and rivet' fastening, spot-welding and other means of fastening two sections of metal together. The main goal was to improve upon an existing design that is currently offered by the Textron Corporation. Textron is seeking an alternative energy source and an overall mild redesign of the ESN50 device. The two most prominent faults are the ESN50's heavy design and a very slow cycle time. When this group was set up it was agreed upon that I would be the group leader and this would recreate the setting of a project manager in a real world situation. This paper covers topics about the changes required on this tool and additional topics such as project management, design theories and advice to future students that wish tackle a general design problem such as this one.


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