Kelsey Cario

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Magnusson, Peter H.

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Marketing


Through research and direct observation I have written this capstone to portray the differences in advertising around the world. In an effort to exemplify marketing strategy and promotion this thesis focuses on a myriad of cultural differences that impact the way consumers are attracted to products and how they make purchasing decisions. It grasps advertising differences amongst the United States and Europe, more specifically the United Kingdom and France. In order to accurately decipher the marketing differences the thesis works to show the history of advertising, how culture broadly influences advertising, different advertising mediums and how they are used in each geographic location, and then concludes with a variety of controversies and bans present in the marketing world. The information obtained in this thesis comes from not only scholarly sources, but also, from direct observation during my travels. I studied for two weeks in London and Paris and was able to take photographs and view for myself, the variety of ways in which advertisements are very different depending where you are in the world. The scholarly sources are from a wide range of places, in order to exhibit unbiased and accurate information on the topic. The most prevalent differences noted from research and observation includes both aesthetics and controversial issues. Aesthetically, the United States and Europe market very differently in word choice and in location of ads. Controversially, the United States provides a lot more freedom to marketers than those in Europe are allotted. One thing in research remained the same, however, and that is the mere fact that advertising is present in many forms - no matter where you are in the world.


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