Arphy Roy

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Bode, Barrie P.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Neutral amino acid transporter ASCT2 is selectively over-expressed in cancerous liver cells. The purpose project was to test why this amino acid transporter was being expressed and to inquire the implicit advantage ASCT2 gives a cancer cell. This topic is of significance due to its relevance to cancer biology and of the prospect of designing cancer drug therapies that can exploit the ASCT2 transporter under inquiry. Growth study curves using varying concentrations of glutamine and cysteine with cell lines RLE human, rat, mouse and control empty vector were conducted to illustrate possible advantage in survival and growth. A Western blot assay was also performed to confirm the amplified expression of the ASCT2 in the cell lines used for the growth studies. The growth study results implicated no relevant growth advantage for the RLE cell lines that over-express ASCT2 compared to the control. The results may be explained by the western blot assay results, in accordance, that showed no explicit over expression of the ASCT2 protein in the rle cell lines in comparison to the empty vector cell line used for the growth study.


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