Karen Rowe

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Gaines, Lee M.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Computer Science


The purpose of this project was to write a Superwylbur macro, called D50TD80, for the Computing Information center at Northern Illinois University. The project was completed using Superwylbur, an interactive computing environment which enables access to the University’s mainframe computer. Superwylbur macro programming combines Superwylbur commands along with a set of special instructions for branching and decision making. The D50TD80 macro was designed to assist users in moving data sets from the current 3350 disk packs to the newly installed, more efficient 3380 disk packs. This macro allows the user three options: 1) To create a partitioned data set from sequential data sets, and place on a 3380 disk pack, 2) To move an entire partitioned data set to a 3380 disk pack, and 3) To move a sequential data set to a 3380 disk pack. Options 2 and 3 are executed by calling modified versions of existing macros. Changes to these macros included additional error checking and more informative prompts. The first option begins by asking the user for the name and location of the partitioned data set that they wish to create. The user is next prompted for the names of the sequential data sets to be saved as members of the partitioned data set. The requested data sets are then placed into the specified PDS. The macro was coded to be user friendly by anticipating a variety of user errors, and making the prompts and error messages friendly, yet informative. The method followed to complete the end product was basically a “hands on” approach. Using The Superwylbur Macro Programming Manual as a primary reference, a simple macro was written which can assist a user in uploading and downloading files from Superwylbur. After some practice with the language, the D50TD80 macro was coded. This macro will be available for public use in the Spring of 1989.


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