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Bergan-Roller, Heather E.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Stress is something that affects most people on a regular basis. School can be a major stressor in the lives of students, and a person’s job can be highly stressful for some professionals. Veterinary students in particular are often stressed due to the nature of the education and the quantity of material that must be learned. Practicing veterinarians are considered to have a stressful job due to long hours, workload, difficult cases, and more. This paper reviews the available literature on stress in the veterinary medical field, and summarizes the research on the stressors faced by members of this field, the potential effects of that stress, and possible stress management plans. This research includes several members of the veterinary field, from veterinary students to practicing veterinarians to veterinary technicians. In addition to synthesizing the current research, I recommend future research areas with the goal of generating effective stress management techniques.


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