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Cancio, Edward J.

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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This social skills program will consist of separate lessons for teaching students social skills and classroom strategies while placing the emphasis on academic skills. The goal of these lessons is to allow the teacher to work on social skills while presenting academic lessons. This program includes a variety of lesson plans covering a variety of topics, subjects, and ages. Many lessons can be adapted to fit any subject, topic, or age group; thus, making this program rather flexible for the teachers. In addition, these lessons can be used collectively as a program, following one lesson to the next, or teaching individual lessons to touch on student needs in a specific classroom. All the lessons will be time efficient to aid the teacher in fitting social skills into the classroom. This will allow teachers to lose little academic learning time that is so valuable within the classroom. Also, majority of the longer lessons will include practice on other academic skills that the children are learning. These longer lessons can be modified to fit nearly any curriculum, topic, or subject that the students happen to be learning about. Therefore, a teacher can implement social skill instruction without losing valuable teaching time. Moreover, the lessons will cover a broad range of social skills. This will give teachers an opportunity to find the skill that their students need additional practice on. The range of social skills and the developmentally and instructionally appropriate tasks will help the teacher to find a lesson plan that they can use with their class with little modification, thus saving the teacher time to plan other aspects of the curriculum. Also, the lessons will also include teacher strategies and behavior plans to help improve classroom management without interrupting the classroom learning. The emphasis of this project is to aid classroom teachers in their constant struggle with inappropriate behaviors. As lone day plan to teach in special education, specifically students with emotional/behavioral challenges, this plan will aid me in teaching these students. In addition, many special education teachers take on the role of collaborating with other teachers. Thus, this program will assist me in working with other teachers who are looking for ideas to implement in their classrooms. Moreover, this program will act as a quick reference to teachers when they are in a time of need. Many teachers reach a point of no return with students who have emotional/behavioral challenges. This will hopefully help teachers find a solution before they reach a point of frustration.


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