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Yuan, Shupei

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Social Media Influencer marketing has increased thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter etc. This marketing is the process of identifying, engaging and supporting individuals who create conversation based advertisements for the company's customers on new products to their followers or subscribers, creating an open opportunity for companies to market and sell through Social Media Influencers. To conduct this research, I used pentadic analysis and qualitative content analysis of one social media influencer I selected to understand if SMI while promoting or reviewing these products and the impact they have on their followers or subscribers. The SMI forums chosen are specific to YouTube and Instagram. With the help of this method, it was concluded that SMI posts visual pleasing images and videos to appeal to their viewers, as the viewers sees the influencer as a credible source hence willing to try out the product they endorse. The influencer also engages with their viewers by commenting back, liking their comments, or making a video replying back the positivity or criticism they get on the sponsored post.

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