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Myers, Kristen A.

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Sociology


In this study, the author investigates how and why rape culture continues to exist in our society today. Certain concepts such as gender roles, college experience, acquaintance rape, and victim blaming are discussed in order to elaborate on this ideology. Furthermore, the author looks at how rape culture effects outcomes and survivors of sexual assault, specifically within universities, and how institutions handle such cases. Using surveys and research, it is clear that victims of sexual assault are not being supported and more needs to be done to help them. The author argues that because college environments and institutions tolerate sexual assault and put the responsibility on the survivors as opposed to the offender, victims suffer even more and refrain from reporting and seeking help. Universities fail to punish those found guilty of sexual assault appropriately, which only allows this epidemic to continue. It is clear that more people need to rebuke rape culture and start supporting and believing victims instead of shaming or blaming them into silence.


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Northern Illinois University

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Sexual Assault||Sexual Assault on Campus||Sexual Assault in College

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