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Blaschak, Mary Jo

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders


The purpose of my capstone is to research Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries and the physical therapeutic process to treat the injury. I have always been involved in sports and I have seen a lot of ACL injuries ranging from cheerleading, football, gymnastics, and soccer. This is why I chose to explore ACL injuries is because I want to become a sports physical therapist and work with athletes in the future. I will also be interviewing an NIU student who tore her ACL three years ago. ACL injuries are very common in nature to the fact that the knee is an unstable joint. The bigger and heavier femur sits on top of the smaller tibia. I will fast research the anatomy of the knee and how one injures their ACL. Next I will describe the standard process that most physicians follow when treating a patient with an ACL injury. I will then interview a student who had injured her knee previously and compare her treatment to the standard. I am hoping to find that the standard process matches the case studies process.


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Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries and the rehabilitation process

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