Secure Communication across the Internet by Encrypting the Data using Cryptography and Image Steganography

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Mansour Tahernezhadi:https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1279-6862

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International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications





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Sharing the information has become a facile task nowadays just like one-tap which can take the information to any component of the world. This whole thing transpired over the evolution of the cyber world, which avails to stay connected with the entire world. Due to the wide-spread utilization of the cyber world, it leads a peril of data breaching by some incognito or unauthorized people while it is being sent from one utilizer to another. Unauthorized people can get access to the data and extract utilizable information from it. The confidential data being sent through the web which may get tampered while reaching the other end-utilizer. So, to dispense this data breaching, we can encrypt the data being sent and the receiver can only decrypt the message so that we can conceal the data. It routes a tremendous way to do this, the most popular one is cryptography, and another is steganography. Anteriorly there subsist many ways in these techniques like Image Steganography, Secret key Cryptography, LSB method, and so on which are being used to encrypt data and secure communication. One of the algorithms of cryptography is utilized along with Image Steganography to encrypt the data to ascertain more security which resembles the two-step verification process. In proposed paper we utilized new Huffman coding algorithm in step of the Image Steganography to ascertain that even an astronomically immense data can fit into a minute image. The ciphertext is compressed utilizing Huffman Coding and then it gets embedded into an image utilizing LSB method of Image Steganography in which the least paramount bits of the image are superseded with the data from the antecedent step. We implemented the analytical using python and it shows better compression results with large volumes of data to transfer easily through network.

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Data compression, Data encryption, Huffman coding, Image steganography, Least significant bits, Secure communication, Cryptography


Department of Electrical Engineering