Effectiveness of exercise and health education interventions in Brazilian primary health care

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Emerson Sebastião:https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6320-7784

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Motriz. Revista de Educacao Fisica





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Aim: This study examined the effectiveness of two different behavioral change interventions to improve Physical Activity (PA) and to reduce Sedentary Behavior (SB) in a primary health care setting. Methods: This quasi-experimental study recruited and enrolled 31 users of a primary health care unit of the Brazilian Unified Health System aged 18 or more. Participants were allocated into two groups: Physical Exercise Group combined with Health Education (EHE) and Health Education Group (HE). The EHE group participated in 60 minutes of exercise, twice a week, and 20 minutes of counseling. The HE group participated in 40 minutes of counseling, once a week. Both programs were conducted for over 18 weeks. PA levels were self-reported (IPAQ) and PA and SB were objectively (accelerometer) assessed before and after the intervention period. Data were analyzed using intention-to-treat analysis with generalized estimating equations adopting p<0.05 for significance. Also, the individual PA and SB deltas were computed. Improvements in PA and SB were observed for both interventions (p<0.05). Results: Both groups increased the minutes of weekly leisure PA (p=0.006), time spent in light (p=0.003), and moderated-to-vigorous (p=0.042) PA and decreased the amount of SB, with a significant decrease in the HE group (p=0.010). Delta analyses further demonstrated the effectiveness of the interventions to increase PA in other domains (i.e., transportation, household) and maintenance of occupational PA. Conclusion: Behavioral change interventions in the primary health care context involving exercise and counseling seem to be effective in improving PA and SB in adults.

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Exercise, Health education, Primary health care, Sedentary behavior


Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KNPE)