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Student Project

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Schatteman, Alicia

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)


Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies


The Huskie Closet was created by Clayton Schopfer and Jacob Burg, during their time in the Student Government Association, with the purpose of providing the students of NIU with access to clothing. The goal of my research is to identify the current performance measurement tools the Huskie Closet possesses and evaluate the quality of the measurements of success and failure being performed at the Closet, to gauge the impact of programming on the students at Northern Illinois University. Out of those served this semester, students who visited once and did not return made up 46.2%. Students who visited one or two times a month made up 40%. Out of the students served this semester, 13.8% visited three or more times a month. On average most students visit the Huskie Closet once or twice a month.

However, a large body of students are not having expectations met by the Huskie Closet this semester and have not returned for the service since their initial visit. There is also smaller body that uses the Huskie Closet for essential items, as well as to fill gaps in their wardrobe. The Huskie Closet would benefit from internal benchmarking to begin the developmental stages of their own performance measurement guidelines. With the input of a diverse student advisory committee, the Huskie Closet should create perameters for performance measurement.