Publication Date

Spring 5-12-2023

Document Type

Student Project

First Advisor

Schatteman, Alicia

Degree Name

B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies


This capstone is a case study on graduates from Northern Illinois University who majored, minored, or received a certificate in Nonprofit and NGO studies. This qualitative and quantitative study seeks to measure the employment trends of graduates from the Nonprofit and NGO studies major. As well as make a comparison between the post-graduate experiences of graduates who interned via the Center for Nonprofit and NGO studies and graduates who didn’t. Prior research suggests that paid internships generally have a positive correlation with entry-level career success. However, there is not much research on this relationship within the social sector. I’m interested in seeing how NNGO students generally fare in the workforce, and if past interns had an advantage over students who did not intern. I will utilize data gathered from a Qualtrics survey I created, which was administered by Dr. Alicia Schatteman to all graduates of Nonprofit and NGO studies. This data will be used to answer the research questions, “To what extent does interning via the Center for Nonprofit and NGO studies affect the employment of graduates?” and “To what extent does NIU’s Nonprofit and NGO studies graduates achieve substantial salaries?”. The results of this study could give insight to NIU and the Center for Nonprofit and NGO studies on how they could place students on more successful trajectories in the workforce, and ways they could improve the internship experience and impact. It could also enlighten future or current students on the magnitude of internships via the Center for Nonprofit and NGO studies, and why they should participate in them.