Publication Date

Spring 4-30-2023

Document Type

Student Project

First Advisor

Schatteman, Alicia

Degree Name

B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies


Social capital development for many, but not all, is a relatively organic process, and as social creatures, people work together to reach collective goals. The defined interactions related to the practices of societal norms, taboos, and broad cultural acceptance are constructs of communal decisions lending deep credence to the value of any number of the social capital definitions. However, opportunities are not always readily available to individuals living with disabilities, so they can and do get left out to varied degrees. With unsurprising results, previous research relied on comparing survey data from individuals with and without disabilities to identify possible areas of focus to better aid the disability community with integration and opportunity (Dimakos et al., 2016). Utilizing the study led by Dr. Christina Dimakas as a guide, and with special appreciation to Dr. Al Condeluci for his survey instrument and insights, a modified version of the projects survey and semi-structured interview methods are utilized in a focused study on the adaptive diving program participants of the nonprofit organization Diveheart. This study seeks to explore to what extent the participants understand their social capital development, its value to the individual, and through the lens of sustainability, how they utilize it in their lives. This focus group research shows an adapting and integrated disability community.