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The City of Woodstock has a vision for an age-friendly future: Age-friendly Woodstock, Illinois is widely recognized as a warm, welcoming vibrant community offering lifelong opportunity and enrichment for youth and adults of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. This vision is in response to a big change already underway--in less than ten years, nearly half of Woodstock adults will be over age 55. As the City allocates resources, it will need strategies that ensure Woodstock’s changing population is well served. If successful, Woodstock will be a sought after location to live, visit and invest. The Woodstock Age-Friendly Livable Community Action Plan (AFP) will guide the City in its role as an AARP designated Age-Friendly Community. Work began two years ago with a City Council resolution and plan preparation began with funding from a Community Foundation for McHenry County Transformational Grant. A steering committee of residents, service providers, business people and others completed the AFP in April 2021.

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Woodstock Illinois Age-Friendly Livable Community Action Plan

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