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Environmental Law Reporter


The Paris Agreement’s goal to hold warming to 1.5°-2°C above pre-industrial levels now appears unrealistic. Profs. Robin Kundis Craig and J.B. Ruhl have recently argued that because a 4°C world may be likely, we must recognize the disruptive consequences of such a world and respond by reimagining governance structures to meet the challenges of adapting to it. In this latest in a biannual series of essays, they and other members of the Environmental Law Collaborative explore what 4°C might mean for a variety of current legal doctrines, planning policies, governance structures, and institutions.

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Karrigan Börk, Karen Bradshaw, Cinnamon Piñon Carlarne, Robin Kundis Craig, Sarah Fox, Joshua Galperin, Keith H. Hirokawa, Shi-Ling Hsu, Katrina Fischer Kuh, Kevin J. Lynch, Michele Okoh, Jessica Owley, Melissa Powers, Shannon Roesler, J. B. Ruhl, James E. Salzman, David Takacas & Clifford Villa, Adapting To a 4°C World, 52 Env't L. Rep. 10211 (2022).

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