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Nebraska Law Review


As with state recognized voluntary acknowledgements of parentage (VAPs) and state recognized assisted reproduction pacts (SRARPs) on childcare parentage for future or current children, state parent registries (PRs), often labeled putative paternity registries or putative father registries, embody declarations of expecting or current legal parenthood. Yet declarations on children in PRs often involve unilateral assertions, unlike dual parenthood declarations in VAPs. Actual parenthood under law for many PR declarants is never recognized because there are no simultaneous assertions by a second expecting or existing legal parent on the declarant’s parenthood, as with an assertion by an expecting or existing birth mother in a VAP.

State laws should be reformed so that asserted parental rights/interests in PRs can be employed in more settings. As well, PR opportunities should be expanded to reflect the evolving legal changes recognizing increased parenthood opportunities for those with no biological or formal adoptive ties, including both women and men.

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Jeffrey A. Parness, Expanding State Parent Registry Laws, 101 Neb. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2022).

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