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This past semester we all taught during an unprecedented worst-case scenario, moving our courses online at the literal drop of a hat. Although I know my experience is not unique, from March to the end of the semester in May, I felt like I was just treading water. I realized that feeling unsure of myself, feeling disconnected from my students, and feeling like I was just treading water really was not me. In fact, I had not felt this way in the classroom since my first few years of teaching. Those were days I did not want to revisit because, after seventeen years of teaching, I felt I had finally reached my stride. However, much to my chagrin, with the shift to online learning, I had to start all over again and relive those early days. Although it has been uncomfortable at times, revisiting those first years of teaching has given me the opportunity to reflect on how much both I and my profession have changed over the course of nearly two decades. While reflecting on these early years, I recalled what was one of the most fearsome things to me when I started: burnout.

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Meredith A.G. Stange, Burnout Doesn't Frighten Me, 25 L. Writing J. 131 (2021).

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