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University of Colorado Law Review


Notwithstanding the assertions of the State of Mississippi, of one amicus, and of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, abortion laws and safe haven laws are oil and vinegar. Not only do they not mix, but safe haven laws in some ways support the continuing validity of the balance on individual privacy interests and legitimate governmental interests struck in the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion. Both abortion availability laws and safe haven laws advance the interests of women who choose not to parent children within their existing family structures. But safe haven laws, though (perhaps) unlike the Mississippi abortion law, very clearly run contrary to settled U.S. Supreme Court precedents, as they infringe upon the parental interests of existing and expecting childcare parents.

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Jeffrey A. Parness, Abortion and Safe Haven Laws, Univ. Colo. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2022).

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