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I got into fashion through an older cousin who showed me magazines and had his own boutique store. He was much older than me and had a positive demeanor which showed me how to do more in life. My cousin introduced me to Streetwear at a moment when sneakers and t-shirt graphics were starting to come into fashion with brands like Supreme, The Hundreds, Stussy, and Obey. Curiosity sparked my interest in the history and reputation of each clothing line. Streetwear may look plain, but the graphics hold significance to inside jokes, current events, and popular culture. Some clothing will age so it’s never out of style and is a stepping-stone for later generations to learn from. Through fashion, I have found a connection to contemporary artists like Kaws, Tom Sachs and Virgil Abloh. All these artists have worked on collaborations and used their talents to craft something new in fashion. These photos show my interest in fashion and document others who share my passion. Each of the models I choose shares my interest with clothing and style. I photograph them in their own clothes in locations that complement their outfits. I feel a connection towards these friends in attitude and our shared interests. The interaction of making these photographs feels special and genuine because they know immediately were, I am coming from.





Northern Illinois University

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