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Rea, Michael

Second Advisor

Siblik, John

Third Advisor

Heriberto Ponce

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M.A. (Master of Arts)


School of Art and Design


While many still see fibers as mere “craft”, there lies a critical need to acknowledge and elevate them to the status of High Art. As far as we recognize fibers are not a feminism discourse and we elevate fibers and sculpture in this case to the same level of other high art, we will be talking about fibers for a long time. As Julia Harperin states, “To take fiber art seriously is to understand how fabric is inextricably linked to the body and is in many ways an extension of it: We wear it, we sleep under it, we are wrapped up in it when we are born and we are buried in it when we die.” (Julia Harperin) As a Fiber and Textile artist, I firmly believe in the enduring relevance of this medium within the art world. I am committed to championing it presence and enduring that our voices continue to resonate within artistic discourse. Together, we will continue to shape the landscape of contemporary art, ensuring that Fiber and Textiles art is celebrated and valued for generations to come.