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First Advisor

Labatte, Jessica

Degree Name

B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)


School of Art and Design


Relationships are often viewed through a binary lens. This greatly oversimplifies their intricacy, yet they can be one of the most challenging human experiences to navigate. Drawing on the symbolisms of memories Drew created digital images that embody these memories related to lost relationships. Using a binary image converter Drew created a visually simple image made up of only two colors down to each pixel. He then brought these images into a text editor on a computer which would display the raw code of an image. This revealed long strings of machine learning code that are indecipherable to the human eye. By entering names, thoughts, and reflections on these relationships and memories, Drew manipulates the code of the image, resulting in the images responding by fragmenting and chromatically shifting. The thoughts and reflections then became the titles of these images. Through this process, Drew aims to represent the complexity of the relationships and the difficulty of letting go of the people who have played significant roles in one’s life. By acknowledging the multi-faceted nature of relationships, Drew’s work invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences and embrace the beauty and complexity of the relationships that shape their lives.