Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2022

Document Type


First Advisor

Giese, Billie

Degree Name

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)


School of Art and Design


Many people with certain privileges never notice them, because they are so fixated on the hasty generalizations of what is seen on the surface rather than the interior aspects. For many students, understanding and recognizing privileges is the main concept to understanding their surroundings. The concept of reflecting on their interactions and knowledge of food insecurity will be curasol among communities. By researching the concepts of food insecurities among NIU students, we can bring awareness of the topic within society. The focus is to understand which intersectional groups are affected by food insecurity and to bring awareness of the subject to NIU college students. This was created to see how well individuals are aware of food insecurity and access to resources demonstrates the need for discussion of the topic. Research shows that the majority of N.I.U students had experienced food insecurity as a child growing up and some students are currently food insecure. The study demonstrates other factors in students' knowledge of resources and causes of food insecurity.