Yamin Xu

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Yamin is a graduate student at Northern Illinois University. Before emigrating from China to come to the United States and pursuing an MFA, he had an undergraduate degree in Art Design and a master's degree in Information Science. Because of his "Maker" spirit and interdisciplinary background, complex engineering practices are easily incorporated into his artistic creation. He considers his work to be inventions that are a mixture of art and technology. He can skillfully use computer vision, computer graphics, micro-controllers circuitry, and 3D design as a combination tool of creation. His current area of interest is to apply machine learning and affective computing in art installations to create an "emotional" and "self-conscious" artwork. Although he has worked with computer simulation and graphics for more than a decade, he now tends to use physical installation or tangible interfaces to express his ideas. His technical background allows him to communicate and collaborate well with different background artists and researchers, such as developing an interactive interface for a giant display to visualize large-scale scientific data at Argonne National Laboratory, designing a Doppler velocimeter and a bacterial battery recorder at Rockford University physics laboratory. Some other works include teaching Maya programming course at the Graduate School of Peking University, leading the development of augmented reality for a live broadcast system at China Central Television, screenwriter and director of award-winning animated short films, and owning eight patents.



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