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Our need for convenience has drastically and permanently damaged the environment. These images explore how we as individuals produce so much waste, most of which is single use plastics and food waste. These photographs use satire and humor to provoke a conversation on how we constantly choose to support companies that have very wasteful products. If we choose not to support companies that are environmentally destructive, they will have to listen to their customers and make a product that is easier to recycle, more sustainable, more compostable or biodegradable. We say that we want to do better for the environment, but we keep supporting the very products that ruin our oceans, wildlife, and more. These photographs also bring our food waste into conversation. We continuously waste our money purchasing more food that we do not eat or have so much food that we forget that we even have something until it goes bad. estimates that Americans end up throwing away over 40% of the food we buy. This wastes resources and increases the CO2 emissions you get when food is thrown into garbage bags.





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