Sean Zierer

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Labatte, Jessica

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B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

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Function, flow, and space are the inspiration for this visual study of contemporary hotel architecture. I have been investigating how these hotels welcome their guests through the use of architecture and design. Styles such as Post-Modern and Neo-Futuristic designs are part of what make these newer hotels so alluring. Using these forms of architecture, they delve into creative ways to make these buildings exciting spaces for interactions. These buildings possess a unique ability to flow between feelings of home, purpose, and escape, achieving business functionality while simultaneously upholding a vacation attitude. They tap into an ability to be more than just a temporary stay by providing an experience that encourages visitors to explore. These photographs look upon how guests of such luxury hotels are guided and comforted in each establishment. From the entrance to the bedroom, each hotel’s architecture persuades guests throughout the space. For example, some hotels will use a porch-like architecture incorporated into each floor of their atrium, allowing guests to feel at home, as well as part of a lively community that they can look at from above. The use of design is different in each location to encourage unique experiences, as well as artistically inform the guest about a specific aesthetic. Some hotels will implement local style to further connect their guests to the location. For instance, carrying in city influences that allow guests to soak in a metropolitan energy and importance. The images in this project look further into the presence of upscale contemporary hotels in order to provide a different view of their architecture and question how these spaces behave. Intricately designed with specific intentions, they are an oasis from the world around us, but also connections to places we travel to. I want to share with my viewers, my observation that these higher quality hotels are not just a status symbol for those who occupy the rooms, but that they are artistic works of interactivity. From the guidance of the architecture, to the provoking influence of the design, contemporary hotels offer something that is open, yet exclusive.


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Northern Illinois University

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