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Surrounded by dwindling social interactions as a result of lockdowns and health considerations with COVID-19, I spent a significant portion of 2020 sitting, feeling lost in the place called home. As the world has moved into 2021, there appears to be hope on the horizon, but the lingering mental and neurological effects from prolonged periods of isolation remain. As an artist, I tend to lean into the scholarship and research of a piece to the detriment of the emotional connection with the work. 2020 pushed back on that tendency, and what I have since discovered about myself is a distinct uneasiness that exists in the familiar. This series of images is an exploration of my emotional and physical discomfort. As we, globally, continue to push towards healing in the wake of COVID-19, I am striving to break into my inner sanctum of suppressed emotions, attempting to parse what I can only describe as existential chaos. Images range from staged moments of quirkiness or discomfort to non-staged isolations of tense moments. Utilizing humor, whimsy, and an unwillingness to take myself “too seriously”, I am continuing the hunt for the socially prescribed maturity with which I have been so unwilling to engage.




Northern Illinois University

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