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Kahn, Kathryn||Trankina, Frank||Rizzo, Nina

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B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

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My mission is to create works of art that will leave a perpetual impression on the psyche of the viewer. Each piece carries a message that challenges the persona of beauty, love, pain and the hidden stigmas of everyday life. In each painting, I tell a story through a confluence of surrealist and realist imagery. My current body of work emphasizes the use of various materials, such as copper and glass, to challenge myself, and to enhance the emotional impact of each piece. In the series Divinity, the figures are mostly children and adolescence, representing innocence, and the purist aspects of our lives. Blowing fuzz from dandelions, watching humming birds as a child, or eating ice cream on a summer Saturday morning carry strong sensations in moments of time. However, the complexity of the first time learning about, or experiencing, social injustice as a 13-year-old, or the euphoric feeling of learning to love yourself as a young woman; these sensations are just as powerful.


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