Nancy D. Cole

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Rehfeld, Betty Mae

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Home Economics


Cooking (Meat)


Plastic bags in which to roast meat have been much advertised lately. Little data is available on the use and acceptability of these bags for roasting meat. A study was undertaken to investigate the preference of beef and pork roasted in and out of a plastic bag. A conventional oven as well as an electronic oven was used for this study. Organoleptic evaluation was employed to determine preference. Cooking losses were also studied. Total cooking loss was greater in the bag for all experiments except pork cooked in the conventional oven. Calculation of drip and evaporative losses for each experiment showed the bag roasts to have the greater drip loss and the dry heat roasts to have the greater evaporative loss. The taste panel showed a significant preference for outside and inside appearance of beef roasted the dry heat method in both conventional and electronic ovens. Except for pork roasted in a plastic bag in the electronic oven, there was no significant difference in overall acceptability for beef or pork roasted in or out of a plastic bag.


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