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Dunn, J. Hubert||Brigham, Robert J.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physical Education


Physical fitness; Readiness for school


Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between academic readiness and physical fitness of kindergarten boys and girls. A second purpose to was to investigate how specific physical exercises might affect academic readiness. Procedures. One hundred three boys and girls from four kindergarten classes were given initial and final academic readiness and physical fitness tests. The academic readiness test was the Metropolitan Readiness Tests, Forms R and S, and the physical fitness measure was the Kraus-Weber Test of Minimum Muscular fitness. Two of the classes were randomly selected to serve as the experimental group and to follow for nine weeks the Royal Canadian Air Force Physical Capacity Rating Scale, 5BX Plan. The control group, composed of the remaining two classes, had no additional physical fitness activities other than the daily twenty-minute activity period required by the curriculum. Results. Initial test data were treated by use of the biserial coefficient of correlation. Significant relationships were found between the Knee Lift item of the fitness test and Reading Readiness Test, and between Knee Lift and the Total Readiness scores of the Metropolitan Readiness Tests. Participation in the Royal Canadian Air Force Five Basic Exercise Program did not result in improved physical fitness or academic readiness scores. Significant differences were revealed when the final academic readiness test scores were treated by use of analysis of covariance. These differences favored the control group in the areas of Sentences, Numbers, and Number Readiness of the academic readiness test. Neither group was superior to the other in final fitness test scores.


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