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Herzog, Donald R. (Professor of business)||Nelson, J. H. (Professor of business)

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Marketing


Farm equipment; Marketing; Agricultural machinery


This study has been undertaken to: (1) determine the organizational status of the marketing department in com­parison to other major functional departments at Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Deere & Company, Interna­tional Harvester Company, J. I. Case Company, and Massey- Ferguson, Inc.; (2) discover what effect the trend of a customer- and user-oriented approach to business has had on the formal organizational structures of these firms; and (3) determine the degree of influence the entire mar­keting department has upon the activities and operations of other major and minor functional departments in each firm. Research data were obtained from secondary information sources: relevant business texts, general periodicals, and professional journals to provide the generalist and the specialist reader with a concise explanation of organiza­tion theory and the marketing function. Findings obtained from primary information sources were collected in the field through survey interviews with marketing management person­nel from the five companies in the farm equipment industry. The latter source of information provides the reader with insights into the practical implications of organization theory and the marketing function. At the risk of oversimplification, three conclusions are identifiable: (1) top management members of each firm knew and implemented the principles of the new marketing concept; (2) the principles of the new marketing concept did not necessarily influence the organizational status of each firm's marketing department; and (3) each firm's marketing department was considered a major functional depart­ment in the formal organization structure. Furthermore, each firm's marketing department exerted a major influence upon other major and minor departments.


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