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Physical education and training--Illinois--Will County; Physical education and training--Audio-visual aids


This survey brings out the fact that various physical education instructors believe that the use of audio-visual aids is conducive to a more thorough learning of basic skills in physical education. It is evident from their replies to the questionnaires that these teachers believe the objectives of a physical education program can best be achieved by the use of such audio-visual aids as the five most popularly used according to this survey, namely: (1) demonstrations, (2) bulletin boards, (3) diagrams, (4) motion pictures, and (5) charts, graphs and posters. In addition, it is indicated from the data gathered within that audio-visual aids and materials are not available to all teachers of physical education. The following reasons are the most prevalent: (a) budget of the school not adequate for purchase of visual aids materials, 39 per cent; (b) audio-visual aids not available, 17 per cent; no setup for audio-visual aids program, 11 per cent. That teachers would like more up-to-date visual aids is evident, particularly concerning motion pictures and film strips in games, gymnastics and posture. It is evident from the results of this survey that the progress of audio-visual aids some schools are in a disorganized and lethargic state. Much has been done and much more can be done to remedy such problems. In addition to the development and results suggested within this survey, we may expect to see other trends taking place during the next few years. There will be a great increase in the number of schools developing their own library of audio-visual materials and equipment, both by themselves and in collaboration with other schools; the promotion of county libraries for rural schools and sources that will lean the more expensive equipment such as projectors as well as materials and supplies. This development is now well underway in Will County. The improvement of audio-visual aids will also be aided from the standpoint of producers improving their services, better organized and more vigorous leadership by that state and county boards of education, greater research and experimentation by educators and producers and more funds being made available through legislation to make this program possible.


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