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Harris, E. Edward (Earl Edward), 1931-||Maxwell, Lyle

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Business Education


Business education--Illinois--Addison


The purpose of this study was to determine the local business needs in fifty selected businesses and institutions in the Addison, Illinois area and to evaluate the feasibility of organizing a cooperative office education program at Addison Trail High School, Addison, Illinois. Seventy-three businesses were selected for the survey within twenty minutes commuting distance of Addison Trail High School. The names and addresses were obtained from the Addison Industrial Association Directory and the Illinois Manufacturers’ Directory. The research procedure utilized in this study was a mailed questionnaire and personal interview. The same instrument was used for both the mailing and the interviewing. Thirty-seven businesses and institutions returned the questionnaire. Thirteen businesses and institutions were randomly selected to be interviewed. Thirty-six per cent of the businesses and institutions report that the largest: number of opportunities in office jobs available to the high school graduate regardless of sex are in the clerical occupations. Future growth opportunity areas in office employment are in the data-processing and the secretarial occupations. As the number of employees in the office occupations increases, there is a more extensive listing of different duties. The most common duties in the clerical occupations are to sort and file as well as to type forms, straight copy, and envelopes. As the businesses and institutions increase in size, the rate of turnover of employees in office occupations increase proportionately. The office machines, in order of frequency, which are most widely used by the businesses and institutions are the electric typewriter, the ten-key adding machine, the "Friden" calculator, the "Dictaphone" transcribing machine, and the card-punch machine. The most essential traits in the beginning office worker are accuracy and dependability. The most commonly reported deficiencies are lack of purpose, undependable, lack of initiative, and inaccurate. The most frequently used source of securing new office employees is advertisements; but 42 per cent of the businesses and institutions make use of the high school placement service. Thirty-eight per cent of the businesses and institutions are willing to provide on-the-job experiences to the students enrolled in the cooperative office education program at Addison Trail High School. Thirty-four per cent of the businesses and institutions are willing to appoint members to serve on an advisory committee.


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