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Arnold, Richard L., 1928-||Polzin, Donald E., 1930-

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Theatre Arts


Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery


The main purpose of this thesis is to undertake a study that will render concise and positive proof of the advantages and disadvantages of several structural component parts systems which in turn may lead to a more efficient and flexible method of platform construction. The method of investigation centers upon the construction of five individual platforms, each employing a separate structural component system exemplary of its own type. These systems, which include wood, slotted steel angle, slip-on fittings, pipe clamps, and open C channel, are compared to each other in terms of their initial and reassembly times, cost, relative strength, relative weight, required amount of storage space, reuse of construction materials, and flexibility. The summary of the comparative data presented in Chapter VT shows that each construction technique has a separate or distinct advantage in one or more of the individual areas tested. In some cases a qualification of the particular construction requirements will justify a particular component technique as suitable for platform construction. For example, the wood component system is the least expensive unit, yet one which demands the most skill and time in construction. On this basis wood can be used in a situation where material costs are of immediate concern and the demands on time, labor and skill are negligible. However, cm an overall basis the slip-on fitting was concluded as being the most efficient and flexible technique at the technician's disposal. Furthermore, this system (through its use of pipe) offers distinct esthetic advantages in relation to current trends of scene design. Illustrative materials on the details of platform construction, experimental method and modem trends in sceneography are included throughout the text and Appendices, along with tables of the raw data collected from the comparative analysis.


Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


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