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Stroup, Francis, 1909-||Wells, Harold P., -1996

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Basketball; School sports


Recent developments in junior high school athletics have shown that research is directing its attention toward the administration of junior high school athletic programs. This survey, of a stratified sample in the state of Illinois, polled junior high school administrators to determine the extent of consistency between the practice in junior high schools, and their policies, and also the degree to which both policy and practice corresponded to principles suggested by writers in the field of health, physical education, and recreation. The study required the construction of a two-phase opinionnaire which was accomplished by gathering statements pertinent to athletics from literature in the field. Each recipient of the opinionnaire was asked to indicate the degree of compliance his school gave to twenty principles listed in an opinionnaire. A secondary phase of the opinionnaire indicated the status of the statement in each individual school system. Fifty-three junior high school administrators representing four different geographic divisions in the state of Illinois were chosen by a stratified sample based upon community size and school enrollment. The data received from the administrators were reviewed in principle-discussion-table form. Knowledge of national recommendations was very evident when measured in terms of consistent compliance to the principles recommended by writers in the field of health, physical education and recreation, in studying the data for status of policy, there was evidence that many schools did not have written school board policies governing junior high school athletics. However, most of the school administrators indicated a trend toward oral policies. There were indications of wide variances between practices and policies, with equally wide differences of opinion in respect to school compliance and non-compliance to the principles that were recommended by the writers in the field. Nearly fifty per cent of the reporting administrators indicated that their policy governing junior high school athletics was of an oral nature. Eighty-six per cent of the junior high schools have programs of interscholastic basketball and their administrators regard it as desirable. The discord between school practice and status of policy indicates that school administrators need to make an analysis of their programs to determine if the principles and platforms recommended by writers in the field of health, physical education, and recreation are being upheld.


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