Otto M. Kolar

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Ogilvie, W. K.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Mathematics--Study and teaching; Junior Colleges--Curricula


Problem The purpose of this study was to examine mathematics offerings of selected public junior colleges throughout the United Statas in order to determine the range and hours offered, as well as those required for graduation. The study investigated courses offered related to high school, college-parallel, commercial, technical-vocational, and modern and general education mathematics. Procedure Literature pertinent to the subject was reviewed in order to determine the extent to which studies had been done in this field. The percentage of the total another of public junior colleges for each state was determined. Catalogs from 116 schools were then requested according to the percentage of institutions within each state meeting the criteria established by the study. Seventy-three of the 116, or 62.9% were received and analyzed. Conclusions were drawn as warranted by the findings of the investigation. Findings and Conclusions 1. All junior colleges in the study offered a minimum of twelve courses in mathematics and related areas as defined in the study. The courses ranged in number from 12 to 59. The mean number of course offerings in mathematics was 29.07 in those institutions offering such courses. The median number was twenty-six. 2. The range of hours is mathematics and related fields varied frost 33 to 163. The mean number of course hour offerings in mathematics in the junior colleges analyzed was 81.15. The median number of mathematics hours was 73. 3. The number of mathematics hours required for graduation ranged zero to eight. Among those schools in the survey requiring mathematics for graduation, three hours was the median number of hours of mathematics required for an Associates Degree.


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