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Sims, Clarence A.||Green, Gerald G.

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Data transmission systems


The problem is a study to determine a workable definition of data communications, as linked with data processing, which will apply to all systems. The study attempts to provide the principles that the business manager can apply in utilizing data communications in a given situation. Companies were classified as to computer installation size by the amount of rental that each company paid per month. They were asked to explain their plans for potential data communications systems, and also, for information concerning their present data communications applications. Interviews were held with the representatives of the major computer companies, the representatives of the major communications supplier, and with the heads of some Data Processing Departments to gain an insight into the attitudes held about data communications and information concerning the existing state of data communications. The combination of data processing and data communications provides a technique that can be used by business managers to cope with a growing pool of information. Adequate handling and processing of the information is needed to provide a solid information framework on which the manager must base his decisions. These techniques can be applied to almost any segment of the economy. The use of data communications is growing rapidly, and it is expected that it will grow even more. This presents implications concerning government's role in the development of the techniques and changes that may take place in organizational structure. Data communications is a tool that can be used to improve the performance of the economy and aid the businessman in the solution of many problems.


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