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Dewar, John A.||Ellis, Joseph R.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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College of Education


Junior high schools--Curricula; School management and organization


Problem: The purpose of this investigation was to survey the various practices in curriculum supervision of selected Junior high schools within the northern Illinois area. The frame of reference included several large counties of the northern Illinois area, and included a sampling of various sized schools. Procedure: Pertinent professional literature, mostly of recent vintage, was reviewed to establish a partial background for the survey. Further background material was presented in a description of the areas surveyed* A total of 22 Junior high schools principals were sent a questionnaire. Eighteen responses were returned and used. The responses were computed and reported in terms of per cents for purposes of comparison* The data were interpreted and applied to the conclusions and assumptions. Findings: Relative to conclusions, the survey showed in general terms that (1) there is a trend toward making curriculum development a cooperative undertaking and toward using a team approach to supervision; (2) only 5.56 per cent of the schools use the superintendent as the curriculum leader; (3) there ia a trend toward having a curriculum specialist known as the curriculum director along with various other assistants; (U) while the head of department is still used, his role is usually that of specific subject area supervisor; (5) two-thirds (66.67 per cent) of curriculum leaders help teachers to know and use techniques for teaching the exceptional child; (6) three-fourths of schools reporting stated that the curriculum supervisor did not spend major portion of his time giving teachers advice and answering their questions; and (7) almost three-fourths (72.22 per cent) of responses revealed that no opportunity was given to the teacher to evaluate the services given by the curriculum supervisor.


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