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Weaver, Allen Dale, 1911-2002||Grosklags, James H.||Parson, Ruben L.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of General Studies


Science--Study and teaching; Junior high schools--Curricula


Is There A Need For This Study? While many status studies have been made during the past ten years in the field of science teaching, there is little or no information readily available concerning how general science is taught in the Junior high schools of northern Illinois. Most studies of this kind have been made of large areas, such as the larger cities of the United States, or of whole states or groups of states. Many studies deal with elementary science or secondary science exclusively, but very few studies have been reported which are concerned with the teaching of general science at the Junior high school level. Most of the studies of local interest such as this one, have been made by people working on a doctorate or a master's thesis. One such survey was made by Myers1. in 1950, which covered the secondary schools of western Illinois. Myers sent out three hundred eighty-nine questionnaires. He received only a thirty-three percent return, as compared to the seventy-nine percent return of the present survey. His survey was similiar to this one in only one respect that of determining the status of science facilities present at that time.


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