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Bookkeeping; Small business


The thousands of new business ventures launched each year by the men ana women of the United states are a sore sign of the vitality of our economic future and indicate the important place that small business still holds in the American economy. The independent businessman is an asset to any community. The strong desire to attain financial independence by exercise of initiative, energy and skill is typically American and is the kind of enterprise that has made our nation what it is today. Despite the ups and downs in the business cycles, there is great opportunity for business growth in the United States. The success of many citizens in becoming owners and operators of their own firms is a demonstration of the extensive opportunities available for the energetic and enterprising person who wants to start his own business. The chances for success depend largely upon the knowledge, Intelligence and care used in setting up or expanding a business. The desire to be one's "own boos" is a powerful drive toward reaching such a goal and explains much of the achievement made oy individuals in creating the preeminence of small business in the nation's business. There are certain facts about small business which ought to be known and understood by a person planning to go into business for himself. The small businessman, obviously, must know and meet his customer's needs. He must select his location with an eye to market centers or neighborhoods. He trains his own help, arranges for banking services and insur­ance, does mush of his own buying and record keeping, makes his store layout and window displays and promotes customer goodwill while maintain­ing proper credit control.


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