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Arends, Jack||Burke, Roy O.

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Art--Study and teaching; Art in universities and colleges; Universities and colleges--Curricula


The increase of leisure time and the awareness of the importance of the creative potential of the individual tend to promote interest in the field of art. The role of the university art program becomes increasingly more important as the rate of interest in art grows. Because of this growing intsrest, the primary function of the university art curriculum becomes twofold. It must provide the necessary foundation of art instruction for those persons who plan careers in ths field of art as well as to provide a general enrichment program for those who do not plan to become professional in the arts but who would benefit from the creative use of leisure time. It is the purpose of this survey to collect and present data which will demonstrate how the university art curriculum is attempting to meet these objectives. While considering these objectives, an investigation was made concerning the present scope of the art curricula of selected schools, the courses offered In art, the number of units of credit required for various degrees, and the art units compared to general education units required for degrees in art. The data in this survey was compiled from the bulletins and catalogs from forty-two selected colleges and universities representing the major geographic areas of the country. The collected data was divided into four parts as follows: (1) A chart listing the colleges and universities included in the survey and the courses offered at these schools. (2) A table which lists the total number of the art courses in relationship to similar or like courses offered at other schools. (3) A collection of data which shows the undergraduate degrees offered in the field of art and the total number of units of credit required for each degree. (4) A table which indicates the ratio of the total number of art credits to the total number of general education credits required for the various degrees. The conclusions of this survey show that the university art curriculum on the whole offers a great variety of art courses with a wide range of content. These courses provide a substantial art program for those majoring in art. However, there seems to be an apparent lack of courses in the general enrichment program for non-art majors. The survey also concludes that there is a considerable spread of units of credit required for the various degrees, and that there are many inconsistancies in the programs from one school to another.


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